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The Filler

Actually the Litter.  I have been trying different litters…not because I think it’s part of the problem with Satchmo, I don’t think it is, but – trying different ones anyway.  I am really more concerned about our health.  With 5 cats, the dust from the litter is just a little much – has anyone heard of the Dust Bowl of the 1930s??

So, I’ve been doing online research and reading about this and that – wheat vs. corn vs. clay vs. pine.  They all seem to have pros and cons, which makes it hard to decide which is the right litter.  I am currently using the following brands: Tidy Cat for Small Spaces; Fresh Step and Blue Walnut Shell litter.  I am not promoting either of these – no money has exchanged hands for endorsements.  Although a multi-million dollar deal in the sports figure realm could be considered.   More later…

I am also experimenting with boxes.  Do they like covered boxes, open boxes, cardboard, plastic.  I have not invested in the electronic shifter boxes or the new pellet system boxes.  Again, I’ve read pros and cons.

I basically think there is no one perfect solution.  That is why I am on this quest, with my litter scooper raised high ready for the fight to find the solution for this household.  Will it be a mixture of litters I have to concoct myself?  What kind of box?  Will I end up modifying that?  I might end up a chemist or engineer after this.  Which might be a good thing, as I will be looking for a new career soon.

The photo shows two different boxes and two litter types:

Walnut shell litter and Tidy Cat litter in cardboard box

Walnut shell litter and Tidy Cat litter in cardboard box

Walnut shells are the brown litter; the other box is using Tidy Cat in a disposable card board box.

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Pee pads we use


As discussed in my post “Pee-Pads”.

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More like carpeting or wallpaper…… you can see from the following pictures the situation as described in my post “The Problem. The Herd.”   The photos of the pee pads on the bookshelf thingies is a new problem.  I know this is a nasty photo, but the truth will set me free!

Pee pads in use.  Ick.

Pee pads in use. Ick.

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