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Box Placement

I’ve been off for a while dealing with an assortment of personal things – one including moving my office.  Most people have experienced the stress and exhaustion that comes with a move.  But all said and done, it turned out great.  Speaking of moving – I made a major move of the litter boxes.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Well, I must report great success!  Production levels in two of the litter boxes up by 200%.  How you ask?  I simply removed the plastic liners.  Read the rest of this entry »


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The Kids

I want to introduce the family. Ladies first…



Mamma Mia




Benji (boo)


And of course… Satchmo


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The Problem. The Herd.

Here’s a little background for you to set the stage. We have 5 cats – Benji (a.k.a. Big Boy), Charlie (Benji’s brother or CharChar), Ella (a.k.a. Baby Girl), Mamma Mia (the new cat – named after a Queen song), and Satchmo (a.k.a. Pee-body, Motorboat, MoMo). You can tell right away who our problem child is – Satchmo.

The problem: Mr. MoMo likes to pee outside the box. And not just near the box but at just about every entryway of the house – the door to the garage, the two doors to the patio, the window in the dining room, and most recently, the bookshelves in the office/cat room (this is odd).



You say, “Why haven’t you tossed that cat out?” Well, you must not be a crazy cat lady/guy … but imagine you are and tossing Mr. MoMo to the grassy kitty litter box in the suburban-wild is not an option. So we currently invest in a lot of “pee-pads,” Nature’s Miracle solutions, and other homemade miracle cures. This blog-journey will document how my partner and I are handling the issues as they come up. I will blog about the products, tricks, and miracles that work and those that don’t. I will also probably brag about our cat family – because they are so cute, despite the issues.

I also hope to gain some ideas from YOU. They say putting our collective brains together is better than just one brain. I hope that ends up being true for this case, because our carpet is ruined, the two doors will need to be replaced at some later date, and the stock price for pee-pads is going up based on our consumption demand.


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First Entry


Learning how to blog – bear with me. Read my “About”, it’s my first entry.

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