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Charlie certainly participated in the celebrations of the Season. A little eggnog here, and little cookie there… a lotta tuna over there. Now he is feeling the after affects. Hope everyone had a purrfect Christmas!


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I’ve been AWOL, not for any good reason other than busy with other live events. I’ve had several folks tell me, “you need to post a blog”.  Or should it be log a post?  That sounds funny, doesn’t it.  So, here I go. I’m a little rusty at formatting so don’t hold it against me right now.

With Christmas coming up soon, I thought I’d post a few family pictures of us in holiday garb. Hope you enjoy. Question for you all: do you dress your pets for holidays or special events?

Charlie ella christmas photo Santa's Helpers charlie christmas photo

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Where cats sleep

Thought you guys would enjoy this. Where does your cat sleep?

The Cool Cat Blog

Where cats sleep

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So Long Blue

You may remember in Post – Litter Update Blue #2 – I was about to get rid of the Blue brand litter. Well, I delayed that decision – was hopeful I guess – or just lazy. But now…. it is final. Only one cat, our baby girl Ella, used the box with the Blue litter. So, the last and final vote is certainly cast. The Blue brand walnut based clumping litter is no longer in this cat household. The last of it went into the trash yesterday. 😦

I tried. I really did. I really, really wanted to use this litter – thinking it was good for my health and the cats, and I was doing something good for the environment. But, the crew would not adjust. No walnuts here. But we do still have a few nuts. Related Blue posts: The Filler, Litter Update- Blue and Litter Update Bue #2


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Well, I must report great success!  Production levels in two of the litter boxes up by 200%.  How you ask?  I simply removed the plastic liners.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Litter Box – Reviews #1

A review of the world of litter boxes….at least in my world.
We currently have six litter boxes, one for each cat plus one. That’s what “they” say you should have. Just a few weeks ago we only had five boxes, so I thought perhaps adding number six would cure Satchmo’s dysfunction of using the wall, window and door. Manic-pee-pressive. I think that’s what the dysfunction is called. Ask your vet, I’m sure they’ll agree.

So here’s a quick rundown of our boxes and the cats’ usage rating of each:

  • 2 open top plastic boxes (large) – 2.5 paws up
  • 1 compressed cardboard box (large) – 4 paws up
  • 3 covered boxes (lids) – see below for detail on ratings. Read the rest of this entry »

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Poll – How often do you deep clean your litter box?


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History of Kitty Litter – interesting….who knew??

Tummy Scratch - Pet Blog

Before 1950, most people used ashes, sand or dirt in their cat boxes. Edward Lowe, whose family owned a chemical absorbents company, came up with a better idea. They had a product called Fuller’s Earth, which was an absorbent clay. He suggest that a neighbor try the absorbent clay instead of ashes or sand in her cat box. Soon, his neighbor would use nothing but the absorbent clay.

Ed had a hunch that other people would want to use the clay rather than the traditional ashes or sand. He filled up 10 lb bags of the absorbent clay and called the local pet store. The pet store was doubtful that anyone would want to spend money for his product when sand was so much cheaper. He suggested that the pet store give away samples, and soon people were asking for more and were even willing to pay for it!


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Cats in boxes

Just thought ya’ll would enjoy the pictures. Why is it cats love boxes? Except of course in Satchmo’s case.

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Litter Update – Blue #2

If you haven’t read the original post about Blue Walnut clumping litter go here first.

Well, it seems as if our pride of felines has voted…… they don’t like Blue Walnut clumping litter. Seems as if only one cat is comfortable with making deposits.  That’s not enough when you have 5 cats.  I am disappointed because I really wanted to use this more eco-friendly litter. 😦  So, I have purchased a semi-ton of clay litter and will be transitioning two of the boxes back to a clay litter base.

Now, don’t let my experience dissuade you from trying Blue litter.  I hope your pride will accept it.  I think it is overall a good alternative and better your health and your cats.   The adventure continues……..

Benji doing research on his ipad.

Benji doing research on his ipad.

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