Box Placement

07 Apr

I’ve been off for a while dealing with an assortment of personal things – one including moving my office.  Most people have experienced the stress and exhaustion that comes with a move.  But all said and done, it turned out great.  Speaking of moving – I made a major move of the litter boxes.  You remember, we had 4 in the “kitty litter closet”.  I moved the blue one described in this post. Well, I read somewhere, or someone told me that cats pre-fur to have space between the boxes; something like 3 feet or so.  So, I said what the heck, I’ll try it.  How much worse can that be?

So, I took the covered box that was in the closet (one that received infrequent deposits) and moved it out into the room.  I was EXTREMELY careful of course to include puppy pads below and around the box in anticipation of any accidents – as seen in the picture. 

The new location

The new location

Well the results were immediate.  The box that received infrequent use in the closet had received a deposit within hours of the move.  No stress with this move!  The cats seem to appreciate the new location. Another success!  I might be figuring this thing out.

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