Litter Box – Reviews #1

04 Mar

A review of the world of litter boxes….at least in my world.
We currently have six litter boxes, one for each cat plus one. That’s what “they” say you should have. Just a few weeks ago we only had five boxes, so I thought perhaps adding number six would cure Satchmo’s dysfunction of using the wall, window and door. Manic-pee-pressive. I think that’s what the dysfunction is called. Ask your vet, I’m sure they’ll agree.

So here’s a quick rundown of our boxes and the cats’ usage rating of each:

  • 2 open top plastic boxes (large) – 2.5 paws up
  • 1 compressed cardboard box (large) – 4 paws up
  • 3 covered boxes (lids) – see below for detail on ratings.

I mentioned in an earlier blog the Nature’s Miracle corner box (litter update – new brand). The cats give this a 5 Paws up.  The box is very roomy and tall.  There is one disadvantage: where the top clips to the bottom are gaps in the hinge.  Unfortunately, my cats are high-pee-ers.  Which means of course they look for that gap, take aim, ready, go!  I think they delight at seeing if they can hit the target.  Something about those boy cats.

The other two covered boxes are your typical sized box you find at Target or Walmart.  One is slightly larger than the other.  The smaller one gets a 1 Paw up rating.  I think the location has something to do with that.  (Save that for another discussion.)  The medium sized box gets a 2.5 Paws up rating.

The compressed cardboard box is also made by Nature’s Miracle. I like it because it requires NO cleaning!  Yes, I said NO CLEANNNNNIIIING…….reverberating sound affect. You use it for 4 weeks and then zip – in the trash.  No fuss, no muss.

The two uncovered boxes are easy to use of course, no cover to mess with.  I have fairly large boxes for the cats: one is 16w x 9H x 23L; the other is 13W x 10H x 19L.  Each of these contain the Blue (click for related blog) brand walnut litter.  

Pictures of the various box types are below for your viewing pleasure.  Disclaimer: can’t be held responsible for unsightly content that may be visible

.covered box openbox bigbox cardboard box corner box


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2 responses to “Litter Box – Reviews #1

  1. Vicki Jackson

    March 10, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    From what I understand it is not the “size” or ” number” (LOL) it is the cleanliness. Must be sifted couple of times per day. Good luck….

    • debdak

      March 10, 2013 at 1:40 pm

      Thanks Vicki. Cleanliness is certainly important. And with 5 cats, necessary. Thanks for reading my blog.


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