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History of Kitty Litter – interesting….who knew??

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Before 1950, most people used ashes, sand or dirt in their cat boxes. Edward Lowe, whose family owned a chemical absorbents company, came up with a better idea. They had a product called Fuller’s Earth, which was an absorbent clay. He suggest that a neighbor try the absorbent clay instead of ashes or sand in her cat box. Soon, his neighbor would use nothing but the absorbent clay.

Ed had a hunch that other people would want to use the clay rather than the traditional ashes or sand. He filled up 10 lb bags of the absorbent clay and called the local pet store. The pet store was doubtful that anyone would want to spend money for his product when sand was so much cheaper. He suggested that the pet store give away samples, and soon people were asking for more and were even willing to pay for it!


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