Litter Update – new brand

17 Feb

Did some major cleaning of one of the litter boxes the other day (picture below). One of the dreaded chores of cat ownership… do I hear an amen to that? (Curious – How often do you give your litter box a thorough cleaning? ) This box is a Nature’s Miracle box and it’s a very large box, one of the largest I have ever used (well, technically I don’t really “use” it). But the important fact is that the cats seem to really like it a lot!  I highly recommend this box for big cats and high pee-ers. More on that subject in later posts.20130215-173938.jpg

So as part of the reassembly process, I went out on a limb and decided to try a new litter. It is one I used before, long ago, Ever Clean. This litter has activated carbon in it to help absorb odor. Whether that small amount of carbon is the reason or not, it really seems to work well – good clumping action. The dust level is nearing the Dust Bowl level, so if you try it make sure you have an MSA full face respirator handy.

Dust Bowl —————————————– Cereal Bowl
10                              5                                0

The true result is the opinion of the users…. And it’s a winner! They are all using the box with this litter the most. Except Mr. Motors (Satchmo) – the continuing dilemma.


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