Litter Update – Blue

06 Feb

Blue’s Walnut Clumping litter. Before I bought this litter I knew it was going to be brown. But it is kind of strange at first when it pours out of the bag. It also has a different odor than the typical clay litter we are all used to. The odor is kind of earthy, of course, since it is made from walnut shells. It isn’t hard and seems like it would be comfy under foot. The dust level is minimal, but there’s still dust. I’d say on a scale from Dust Bowl to cereal bowl it is a 3.

Dust Bowl —————————————————— Cereal Bowl
10                                   5                                     0

Tracking – well, what litter doesn’t? The only thing about this litter is that because it’s brown, it doesn’t camouflage into the carpet. Picture before I on carpet

The cats seemed to like the litter the first few days. I noticed a lot of deposits. Perhaps it was that “new toy syndrome.” But now after a few weeks, the deposit level has dropped off. Before I consider discontinuing Blue litter, I am going to experiment by adding some clay litter (Tidy Cat) on top of the Blue. Maybe the cats just miss the deodorized smelling clay litter under their paws. I like the concept of the Blue litter and hope I can figure a why to continue using it. We shall see……


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2 responses to “Litter Update – Blue

  1. philip

    February 6, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    and where would I find this blue litter

    • debdak

      February 6, 2013 at 2:34 pm

      I got it at Petco, but I am sure other pet stores handle it as well.


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